When people call us for moving help, we don’t just treat them as customers. We consider them as friends who need our help and we’re more than happy to lend a hand and share our knowledge and expertise. This is why our services come with a personal touch. You can rely on us when you need us the most. We always come early during moving days and we have a way of knowing what our customers need even before they ask.


We offer disassembling and mounting services

If there’s a large appliance, furniture or equipment in your home that needs to be disassembled - a bed, exercise machine, children’s playset - we can help disassembling them for you. Then when we arrive at your new place, we’ll assemble and mount it for you. We can even help you clean you large appliances and furniture before moving them.


We insure your belongings

Accidents can happen anytime. It’s a fact of life. We always do our best to ensure a safe and problem-free moving experience. But there are things beyond our control. This is why we provide insurance for your belongings. So no matter what happens during the move, your belongings are covered.


We provide storage solutions

Are you in need of a short or long-term storage solution for your belongings? Maybe you’re in- between moves. Or you’re probably renovating your home and need to store some of your stuff for the meantime. No matter what situation you’re in, if you need a safe place to store your belongings, then we can help.

You’ve probably heard of moving horror stories. Properties getting damaged or lost. Moving
help not arriving early and not being much of a help. Exorbitant moving fees. We can’t promise
that your moving experience will be perfect but we vow to do our best to make it as hassle-free
as possible.

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